Living a creative life: a means to an end

When referring to a “creative” person, we tend to picture someone who was born with a natural gift to do anything in this life. We tend to view them as a “genius”, and the rest of us are just simple mortals trying to figure out how to catch a glimpse of that greatness to improve ourselves.

According to John Cleese, actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer, “creativity is not a talent. It’s a way of operating.” Therefore, creativity is more an action; it’s something you do to solve a problem, express ideas or reach goals rather than a title attached to a job.

Being creative is never an end. It’s a means to do something else. Creativity is a tool.

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Creativity comes in many shapes and colours depending on the nature of our work. The mindset to adopt varies from individual to individual, but there are some key points to keep in mind.

The creative process is unpredictable, and that’s why it should be taken from a playful approach. Finding a time a space for this specific aspect will open your mind to new possibilities.

As the maker of your own craft, it’s important to ‘play’ a little hide-and-seek to practice your own art and then find ways or channels to share it. For example, you take time to write a story or draw the scene of a comic book you’re working on. You hide to make the most of that personal time to create. Later on, you might decide to share it on social media, or your blog, or your website. You seek a way to show your work.

The same principle applies to those professions that are not always viewed as “creative.” In reality, creativity is present in all forms of work. A project manager can also play hide-and-seek when using his or her professional development time to learn a new skill. He/she ‘hides’ for a few hours to absorb new information and then ‘seeks’ a way to apply that gained knowledge to his/her projects at work.

The possibilities for a creative life are infinite. How would you like to live yours?

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  1. Gilberto

    Hey Alice, loved your article! Sometimes we become so distracted by our everyday lives and thoughts we don’t think about these possibilities involving creativity! Thank you so much!

    1. Thank YOU Gil 😀 glad you found it useful! Creativity can certainly be present in every single thing we do, and it’s something we can use in every aspect of our lives.

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