Notice the world around you and fortify your creativity

Have you ever asked yourself why you like the things you like? When your favourite song randomly plays on whatever app you use for music, you just know that it makes you feel good. However, could you describe what makes it so wonderful?

In 2020, the 99u conference presented a series of keynotes, master classes, and workshops around the theme “The Creative Self.” One of the talks that stood out for me was Look Around You by Nishat Akhtar. She proposes to remember that it is our responsibility to continue to reshape those things that shape us to maintain creative autonomy. This is possible through the power of noticing.

Her ideas are deeply relevant in a time where we all are trying to figure out life.

According to Nishat, creative autonomy is composed of two things: your sensibility and the way you use it to like or dislike things. Asking yourself why those things fall into the ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ categories leads to discovering aspects of yourself that maybe you weren’t fully aware of. It is through this process that you fortify your own creativity.

Another great point that she brings is that “all the things you take in affect the things you put out.” So what if it’s time to become more intentional about the content that you consume? What if it’s time to reevaluate the things that matter to you? What if you need to explore other interests to diversify your sources of inspiration, and therefore, diversify your outputs?

Noticing simple details in your daily life is what strengthens creativity. Little details make the greatest differences when it comes to creating.

Watch Nishat’s full talk here.

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