Layers of Feedback: Going Beyond Someone Else’s Comments

Feedback has many layers. It’s easy to associate this word with what other people think about our work, our ideas, our performance and so on. It causes a certain level of nervousness as observations are presented in a way that you might not be ready to face yet.

I recently came across this illustrative quote:

Feedback is not a judgment of your worth or talent, but a way to help you grow and achieve your goals.

AI and the LinkedIn Community

One of my favourite authors once shared a comment someone posted on Twitter regarding his brand new book at the time. “This book is bad. I didn’t read it, but I just know it’s bad.” Yep. There’s always someone…

This example is a reminder that you always get to decide how feedback impacts you and whether you take it or not.

On the other hand, if you think about it, other layers of feedback can be found within you, and they can give you clues about yourself. It’s not always about someone else’s comments. It also involves the environment where you’re creating your best work. The times when you feel your best self or even your worst.

Feedback is also in the quality of the contents you consume everyday. It is in your recurring thoughts. It is in your own body.

Are you noticing what all those different internal aspects are telling you?

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