Impaciencia y tú #LetrasDesnudas

¿Sabes quién eres?
¿Quieres descubrirlo conmigo?
Yo quiero.
Anhelo, fantaseo.

Tu transformación natural.
Palpar tu curiosidad inmensa,
la que alguna vez
me atrapó.

en tiempo presente,
ese tú
lleno de pasión.

¿Por qué te temes?

Vuelve a ti
mientras espero
a que arda
tu infinita llama.

Sólo recuerda,
la paciencia sí es finita.


Los textos de este blog pertenecen a la autora Alicia Strathern.

Commentary on sense of wonder in companies

Sense of wonder is a key value for creativity and, at the same time, it’s a crucial asset at any company regardless of industry.

When you’re reading a job description, it’s common to find the company’s mission, vision, and values. The ideal candidate  would not only align with them but also embody them in and out of the office.

As a professional who’s been involved in the creative industry, it has come to my attention that sense of wonder isn’t listed as a corporate value. What would we do without adding a spark of newness to our daily tasks? The 9-5 working hours bite hard.

If surprise and spontaneity were a core part of a day in the office, and every colleague had a chance to incorporate them in their processes, professional environments would be more dynamic.

What does sense of wonder in companies look like?

Every industry is unique, and it would be impossible to find a fit-for-all scheme. This is why, when it comes to defining or redefining corporate values, it’s important to think about the culture that will be built. Culture itself affects behaviour. Therefore, encouraging sense of wonder in each collaborator has roots in attitudes and willingness to be part of that dynamic.

How does your company think about sense of wonder?

Juramento #LetrasDesnudas

por lo más sagrado,
que recordarás mi voz
aunque hayas olvidado mi nombre.

en la única imagen
donde me dibujé
en tu pupila lujuriosa.

Tú ya eres
parte de mí
aunque jamás
te vuelva a hablar.

en los confines
de tu corazón fugaz.
Si lo tienes.

Una parte de ti
quedó marcada.
Aunque lo niegues,
ya no eres el mismo.

en las horas
de insomnio.

Que lo temporal
se haga eterno
en un silencio
de complicidad.

Júrame que así será.

Los textos de este blog pertenecen a la autora Alicia Strathern.

sense of wonder and creativity

Sense of wonder and creativity: surprise yourself daily

One element of creativity that’s worth revisiting as often as possible is sense of wonder. This concept tends to be associated with childlike wonder, which makes sense. What else would come to mind when thinking about a person who’s constantly surprised by life?

James Clear puts it in precise words:

Children are joyful and treat each day as a miracle. (…) Each day, they hear a new word or listen to a new song or learn about a new animal. It’s their first time visiting that restaurant or jumping in that pool or riding that rollercoaster. The world is continually unfolding before them.


Clear also asks a couple of important questions: How can you introduce more surprise into your life as an adult? How can you renew your sense of wonder and creativity?

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Declutter your mind: creativity lies deep within you

Declutter your mind, and creativity will flourish.

Now, this may sound a bit confusing. When hearing the word “declutter”, you might immediately think of cleaning your house or work space. However, tidying and organizing also takes place in your head. This a more complex task to work on.

Yes, aesthetics is an important aspect to feel that you are in a healthy and pleasing environment. Therefore, if your space is uninspiring or doesn’t reflect “you”, then a redesign might be necessary.

To declutter your mind, though, actions have to go deeper. It takes time, energy, and willingness to dismantle barriers that inhibit creative expression.

Let’s go through a couple of key points.

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En otro universo #LetrasDesnudas

En un universo paralelo,
a lo mejor somos.
Aquí o allá.
Donde la tierra nos toca al mismo tiempo.

Y entonces vemos el amanecer
en tu alcoba o en la mía,
en contemplación compartida.
Sin prisa.

Y entonces tú me das
la aventura que te sobra
y yo te doy
la ternura que te hace falta.

¿En dónde existimos juntos?
Ahí debiéramos florecer eternos.


Los textos de este blog pertenecen a la autora Alicia Strathern.

Bendición-Maldición #LetrasDesnudas

y te volviste esencial
a mi respiración,
al ritmo de mis deseos.

Bendito seas.

miles de veces
entre las sombras torcidas
donde nos conocimos.

Maldito seas.

de sonrisas y jadeos
mis rincones secretos
de la piel inquieta.

Bendito seas.

Huiste de nuevo.
Esta vez para siempre.
Me quedo sin aliento
justificándote en insomnios.

Maldito seas.

Bendición haber compartido un tú y yo.


Los textos de este blog pertenecen a la autora Alicia Strathern.

The creative process to write books: a series of changes

As I published Kaleidoscope Eyes, I’ve been thinking about the creative process to write books.

There’s all kinds of strange highs and strange lows. On the most challenging days, blocks fill you up with negativity: “Is this good enough?” “Is anybody going to be interested in this?” “Why would someone want to read an unknown author?”

While writing my novella, I went through stages where I thought my work had no potential. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to finish the job for not having a compelling story. Self-doubt was a huge obstacle.

However, part of the creative process to write books involves finding ways to overcome those blocks and stay tuned to your creative seasons. I’d like to share my experiences here.

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Creativity and inhibitions: a deadly combination

When thinking about creativity and inhibitions, a couple of questions come to mind:

What blocks creativity? Why is it that, at times, we feel that we can’t use our full creative potential?

We are going through some difficult times in all aspects of our lives. Creativity is one key factor that can help us figure out our next steps in what we’re trying to solve. However, if we’re mentally blocked, it’s going to be challenging to move forward.

I recently came across an article on the top 10 common factors that inhibit creativity. This is an eye-opening read, and it caused such impact on me that I decided to expand on three of them:

  • Laziness
  • Fear of failure
  • Keeping your work to yourself

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