Kaleidoscope Eyes

Discover the newest novella by Alice Strathern

Making big life decisions at age 18 is overwhelming.

Karenth Robinson has to do it. The course of her entire life will depend on choosing the right career path to fulfil her personal and professional ambitions. However, she struggles to make up her mind, and her family and friends are not always helpful.

When she figures it out, unsatisfying and traumatic job experiences make her view life in a different light while she questions whether the profession she chose aligns with her true passions.

Will she be able to handle her new realities?

About the author

Alice Strathern is a bilingual independent author based in Calgary, Canada. “Kaleidoscope Eyes” is her first novella, which she started writing in 2016 and finished in the middle of the pandemic.

She runs a newsletter that covers topics related to creativity and mindfulness.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading or listening to music.