Me gustan los días lluviosos #LetrasDesnudas

Me gustan los días nublados porque me acuerdo de ti. Pienso en todo lo que me hace falta decirte. Siento que quieres escucharme.

Me gusta todavía más cuando llueve porque recuerdo que compartimos el mismo cielo, aunque no el mismo suelo.

Como sea, caen las mismas gotas para y para mí. Por lo menos eso nos une. Me gusta que cada micro partícula toca mi piel y entonces me digo que eres realidad.

Por eso los días lluviosos son magia. Me hacen sentir una certeza que sólo tú entenderías.


Los textos de este blog pertenecen a la autora Alicia Strathern.

Camaleónica #LetrasDesnudas

Siempre me ha dado miedo ser camaleónica.

¿Y si no lo hago bien? ¿Y si me muestro al natural con los colores de mi alma? ¿Y si no gusto?

Ah, alguna vez a alguien le tengo que gustar. Alguna vez no trataré de convencer.

Pero me han dicho mil veces que hay que actuar de acuerdo a las circunstancias.

Reír para acompañar. Callar para ser prudente. Vestirse a la altura. No desentonar con las tendencias de moda aunque no le vayan bien a mi piel original.

Alguien me recomendó llevar un espejo a todos lados para cerciorarme que esté en regla y bien maquillada.

Yo sigo dudando de mi capacidad camaleónica.

¿A quién voy a recurrir cuando me quiera (re)conocer? ¿El espejo me dirá la verdad?


Los textos de este blog pertenecen a la autora Alicia Strathern.

The Habit of Side Hustling: Start with Two Minutes

The habit of side hustling is exciting to start, but challenging to maintain. On the one hand, there’s joy in creating something meaningful in any form; on the other hand, at times it feels like there’s so much that can be do but so little time.

It’s still worth the try.

When thinking about habits that develop around side hustling, one specific friend comes to mind. She would say that every day, no matter what, she would sit at her desk and write for three straight hours. She committed herself to do that without skipping a day. Eventually she wrote a book, and it got published.

Her dedication was outstanding. When she told me about her writing process, I hoped to be like her someday.

There’s another case that comes to mind. I once read a series of tweets from an indie writer who shared one of his habits: hitting a thousand words every single day. He would always carve time to reach his goal.

I thought his discipline was impressive. I know for a fact that a lot of writers set goals based on word count and results can be satisfying.

While it’s wonderful to hear these stories of productivity and success, let’s be mindful about one crucial point: every person finds their own system to work on their goals. Everybody has different lifestyles and routines. Therefore, it’s not always possible to focus on a creative project for three straight hours. Word counts vary from person to person. If someone decides it going to be less than a thousand per day, it’s still valuable.

When working on the habit of side hustling, it’s okay to start small. It’s okay to not imitate those who seem super productive in your eyes. Small progress is always great progress.

Building a habit while starting small is perfectly doable. You’d be surprised to know that it’s simpler than you think.

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