Life lessons from the mysterious Orange Book

What else can we say about 2020?

It’s going to be an unforgettable year. It’s hard to visualize what 2021 has in store for humanity, but all we have is the present. This moment.

There’s still a lot to do to reshape our mindsets and move forward and navigate turbulent waters.

One of the sources that kept me grounded was the Orange Book on Twitter. The person who owns this account is brilliant and mysterious at the same time. No one knows who he or she is, but every thought that he/she posts is deep and meaningful.

I want to share how these posts helped me know myself better.

This wonderful person is in the process of writing a book (probably titled “The Orange Book”!) While waiting for its official release, new posts keep popping up. Here’s a little taste.

I discovered the Orange Book when I was feeling awful in March. Confinement was just beginning, and life was unreal and confusing. In an effort to distract myself from constant tragic news, I decided to look for a different kind of content on Twitter. One thing led to another, and I got addicted to that timeline.

It’s mind-blowing how this person speaks his/her mind in so many aspects of life. You can find thoughts on habits, philosophy, emotions, and uncomfortable truths. It’s impressive that every word has a lasting impression. Every post makes you think that it’s time to unlearn the things you thought you knew, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Here’s a few posts that had a powerful effect on me:

What kind of ideas have changed your perspective on things lately?

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