There’s a time to flourish: creativity at its best

There’s a time to flourish and a time to be dormant.

A time to play and a time to rest.

A time to socialize and a time for introspection.

A time to be born and a time to die.

A time to plant something and a time to pluck it up.

Creativity is no different. Each step of a process comes with a season, in which times are more active, and others are more contemplative. Contrary to all the ideals of productivity, it’s unrealistic to expect outcomes nonstop.

It is a mistake and a misreading of nature to think that you, a living creature, will be flourishing all the days of your life.

austin kleon

Therefore, it’s crucial to know when to do things.

When times are slower or dormant, it doesn’t mean that creativity is passive. As Corita Kent once stated: “new things are happening very quietly inside of me.”

This idea is beautifully translated in the world of gardening. First of all, there’s a desire to have a garden, a place to plant something that you want to grow. It can be a new project or a set of ideas.

Then, there comes a season to plan the construction of hotbed, the tools you’ll need, the frame, and the whole layout. Later on, in different conditions, the time comes to execute the plan, plant the seeds and water them. Then, time to flourish.

Only you know which ideas can grow under certain conditions. You may find that others would be better to plant in the long run; however, in the short term, there’s a few that you can work with.

The key part is learning when to proceed and when to focus on the planning only.

What are your seasons for each step?