New Year: Focus on solutions rather than resolutions

A recurring theme for this month is new year’s resolutions. Your own social media feeds will be showing you articles that will motivate you to follow your dream or passion and make 2019 more successful than 2018.

I like that motivating vibe, and I’d like to share a few thoughts on yearly goals.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of different approaches to keep a can-do attitude. An idea that is crossing my mind is making a list of habits you want to get rid of. You might tend to list things you’d like to get done; however, if you freed yourself from certain habits first, wouldn’t that lead the way to actually reaching your goals?

It’s wonderful if you want to write a book. How about spending less time watching TV or browsing random pages on the Internet? This approach is more about how to get where you want to be instead of just declaring “I want to get there.”

The beginning of the year is truly important. This is the time when you’re probably most energetic and motivated to make changes. This is also the time to define the mantra that will constantly guide you.

Let’s focus on the word courage.

You have exciting projects, and you feel like it’s time to pursue the objectives that are essential to you. Sometimes, in order to get there, you have to experience situations that may be scary.

Sometimes, rejection or failure will be part of the deal.

Sometimes, frustration and/or procrastination will be present in your journey. That’s when you need to hold on to the idea of having the courage to face all those challenges.

Let’s embrace courage to keep a pace for 365 days. Whatever the process of reaching your goals brings you, show up every day. Fighting the battle means finding solutions.

Your fears and your doubts and the world will scream and shout at you, but courage is that soft gentle voice that tells you ‘you can do this.’ (Lisa Bardot)

Happy new year!

3 thoughts on “New Year: Focus on solutions rather than resolutions

  1. Removing little things that you can live without do wonders down the road. Do I really need the TV on? Is Youtube really worth an hour of my time?

    Doing away the small things that get in the way of our goals make a huge difference in our lives. .

    Good stuff. Thanks!!!!

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