Books I’m looking forward to reading this year

Reading is as essential as breathing, especially if you’re a writer. It’s wonderful to find inspiration or motivation in someone else’s words.

Whether it’s a book being released this year or a masterpiece from centuries ago that’s been on your reading list for some time, all those stories await you.

Here’s three books I’m really excited to read.

Keep Going by Austin Kleon

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As you know, this author is one of my favourites.  Keep Going continues the cycle started by Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work. Both books, published in 2012 and 2014 respectively, contain precise guidance on how to embrace your creative process and then share what you’re crafting everyday.

Keep Going is the third piece in this series that encourages to continue your path with its ups and downs. Staying inspired in the middle of chaos makes the difference between dreaming and accomplishing your goals as an artist.

Last year, he spoke at the Gray Areas Grand Theatre in San Francisco where he provided a sneak peek of his upcoming book, which will be in stores in April.


One Hundred Lyrics and a Poem by Neil Tennant

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Neil is the vocalist for Pet Shop Boys and the unmistakable voice that sings “In a West end town a dead end world, the East end boys and West end girls.” His lyrics have never been conventional. Sometimes, he chooses a political theme; other times, he goes philosophical or adds his own sense of humor.

He can literally get ideas from anything. In an interview, he once said that inspiration comes from news headlines or conversations. His ability to put all pieces together is impressive. I really want to take the time to read his 100 lyrics and his poem. Something tells me that this book must be in my bookshelf.

Here’s one of the many songs that showcases his talent.

Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook

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I must confess I judged this book by its cover. It’s fantastic.

The cassette and the title make a powerful visual connection, and that made me take a look immediately. That visual element stood out for me because I used to make playlist with cassettes. Every time I see one, I remember those days when I waited for my favourite song to play on the radio to record it. That retro element always causes an effect on me.

After thumbing through a few pages, I loved the idea of expressing thoughts while listening to specific songs. It’s interesting how every melody impacts your mood. I can think of many pieces I’ve written that were influenced by songs I like.

I want to read this book because I want to find out how the author transformed all those emotions while listening to music.

How about you? What’s pending on your reading list?

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