What mom taught me about writing

Today my mom is coming to visit me. She’s staying for three weeks, and I’m writing these lines as she’s making her way through the airport in Vancouver. Then, she will fly to Calgary.

I’m getting married next month. Her presence, support and guidance means the world to me. There’s a lot of things going on in my life right now. Big and exciting changes are coming my way, and I wouldn’t be able to get through them without her.

I’m thinking this is also the case for writing. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be motivated to be a writer. Here’s four tips she gave me to get started.

Take a notebook wherever you go

Yes, you find this kind of advice all over the Internet these days; however, mom was the first person to ever suggest that. I’ve never forgotten.

I’ve been able to capture so many ideas on the go, and I practically can’t leave the house without a notebook and a pen in my purse.

Be a writer, but find a way to sustain yourself financially

I remember the day I told my mom I wanted to be a full time writer. She was happy to hear that and has always been convinced that I can make it. At the same time, she adviced to think about this goal in realistic ways.

She pointed that not all writers achieve success overnight. In terms of making money, the future is uncertain. A book can sell lots of copies in a few months, or take a few years to start picking up. Therefore, writing as the only source of income could be risky, especially for someone who’s just getting started.

I’m so grateful for her thoughts. Thanks to that, I planned my professional career in ways that have allowed me to pay the bills while dealing with my student loans, which are painful to pay. Mom helped me keep my feet on the ground.

Read to improve your vocabulary

Reading will help you learn new words – Mom

When I was five years old, she took me to the library to check out illustrated books and read them together. As I grew older, starting my personal collection was a natural process. There was always something to read at home.

It was all true. I did learn new words and new forms of expression.

I think we all agree that every great writer has to be a great reader.

Write, write, write

Mom has always encouraged me to write down everything that crosses my mind. Hence the idea of having pen and notebook in hand. I guess this is also the reason why I got into journaling.

Every piece of writing can turn into a more sophisticated idea. Then, as you keep working and capturing thoughts, you find yourself drafting a full story or a series of stories. You just have to let ideas flow.


Thanks for believing in me, mom!
I love you.

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