The Inspiring World of Magazines

I recently visited a bookstore and spent hours thumbing through the pages of different magazines.

It’s impressive how these publications can target really specific audiences. On the one hand, you have your typical politics or sports magazine; on the other hand, some revolve around chicken farms or philosophy in our day and age.

This got me thinking. Magazines can teach us so much about writing. They’re an endless source of ideas.

Whenever I need inspiration, I read a magazine.

That’s what a colleague once told me. He and I used to work at an ad agency as creative copywriters. We constantly needed to stay curious and absorb as many ideas as possible to come up with compelling concepts for clients.

In the world of writing, words and ideas are imperative, and magazines are full of both elements. If you’re writing a story that involves ancient cultures, a publication specialized in history may help you develop a more solid plot.

Maybe you want one of your characters to explore new hobbies. A magazine about golfing can give you some pointers.

Your options are endless.

You may either read with the eyes of a writer or with the eyes of a person who simply wants to step away from the computer or the cellphone. Regardless of the mode you choose, great content is waiting there for you.

I recently ordered this special edition of Classic Pop magazine. I’m really looking forward to reading it, and I’m even thinking of the atmosphere I want to create in my room to enjoy this wonderful issue.

What are your favourite magazines?


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