New Year: Planning your progress

The beginning of a new year is one of my favourite seasons. Everybody is genuinely trying to be a better version of themselves. I think this is a noble cause. We can affect our environment a little bit by bringing some positives vibes.

At the same time, we wonder how long we’ll be able to maintain our goals and turn them into a reality. While it’s a long journey that requires a lot of energy, I recommend focusing on solutions rather than resolutions to obtain realistic results.

Here’s a few more thoughts and my list of personal objectives for 2020.

There are reasons to believe that 2020 is going to be a great year for creatives. Here’s 20 reasons why.

The 2000s brought us the smartphone, the 2010s the tablet, and in the 2020s, it’s going to be about the foldables. (Tom May, Creative Bloq)

The new decade is going to bring us new technologies for sure. How is this going to impact the way we read e-books? How can these new devices help independent authors to present their work in new formats? This is going to be one of those trends we’ll have to keep an eye on. We need to adapt to any new habits that readers acquire through digital devices.

I feel this is the mindset we need to adapt when a new year starts. There will be moments when you are not in the mood of typing a few more words in your documents. You get tired, and it’s easy to let this feeling make decisions for you.

Success can be achieved when you create strong habits. Push yourself to complete a writing objective per day. No matter how tired you are. Make time for it. I’ve tried this myself, and even if it’s painful, the results are satisfactory. Thanks to that, I managed to write over 23,000 words for my manuscript in 2019.

My personal goals

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m sensing a lot of great vibes for this year in my social channels. I see a lot of writers decided to publish a new book or learn more marketing techniques to increase their sales. That’s inspiring, and that can-do attitude is contagious.

I can feel that same motivation within me, and this year I’m determined to:

  • Finish my manuscript and start the editing process. If the circumstances allow so, I might even try to self-publish an e-book by the end of this year.
  • Update this blog consistently to share more ideas, thoughts and lessons learned with all of you guys 🙂
  • Go out and meet local writers in my community. I think it’s time to start doing this.


How about you? What are your plans for this year?

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