Learning from Kobe

It’s impossible to not be shocked by Kobe Bryant’s death. It’s actually hard to type the word “death” beside his name. It’s true, though. He’s gone.

I thought of paying my own little tribute in this blog entry.

This week, I’ve been thinking about my earliest memories of him. I realized I witnessed the start of his career when he was only 18 years old. I remember I was watching a basketball game on TV, Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan was still around, and the reason why I was into basketball was him. To me, Jordan was the greatest player ever, and I didn’t like the idea that a ‘kid’ like Kobe could compete with him.

The truth is, I never forgot that game because of Kobe. He was outstanding, and I believe Los Angeles won. From that day on, I kept an eye on him. He definitely had an amazing talent.

Now that I think about that game, I can see what he was doing there. He was absolutely fearless when facing Jordan. He wasn’t intimidated, and he didn’t minimize himself for being a rookie. He played to win.

That winning attitude is useful in the writing world. You’re in the process of publishing your book, but all of a sudden you doubt yourself because there are more talented and experienced authors out there. At a certain degree, they are your competitors, and that makes you think you wouldn’t stand a chance.

Do it like Kobe. Be fearless and compete. Write your best words in every publication. Improve your marketing strategies and win one battle at a time. Use your talent to get where you want to be.

“Just believe in yourself.”

I like this version in Spanish better.

No tienes fe en ti. Quién la tendrá?

Last, but not least, the Kobe mindset.

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