The art of blogging is still alive

Some time ago, I read somewhere that blogs were dead. Online communication has mutated in such way that this kind of platform is no longer relevant. At least not as relevant as it “used to be.”

I disagree with that idea. Blogs are still very much alive. They’re the window to a person’s mind and creative crafts. It’s a platform where someone can introduce themselves to the online world without any editorial guidelines.

I can think of many authors I’ve discovered thanks to the existence of blogs. I’ve been able to learn about their process to create, thoughts and every day life through their own words. Then, after reading their entries for a little while, I subscribed to their newsletters. One thing leads to another, and it all started with a blog entry.

In the case of independent authors and creative entrepreneurs, it is crucial to share unique pieces of expression. I am interested in finding out how someone works, what motives them and what they’re thinking or feeling. I want to catch glimpses of the person behind every expression.

So now, more than ever, blogs are relevant to discover the human side of the online world.

The other day I was reading a friend’s blog, which she’s been updating for 14 years. I went through some of her past entries, and I was impressed at the way her words painted different stages of her life. I learned aspects of her that I didn’t know were there.

That was an inspiring experience for me. I’m much more motivated to share my thoughts with the world. I want to be as transparent as she is, and I also want to use my ability to write in both English and Spanish. In the next few days, I’ll enable an option to read my blog in Spanish. I might not translate every single entry I’ve posted in English so far, but I do want to start fresh with Spanish.

It’ll be interesting to create content available in both languages.

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