Finding your voice in the things you hate

In the creative world, it’s common to hear conversations about “finding your voice.” You know, that thing that makes you unique when it comes to expressing yourself or bringing ideas to the table.

Once it’s time to turn your abstract thoughts into tangible actions, it’s a struggle to capture your true essence in them. How do you discover your own voice then? There’s many answers to this complex question. I recently discovered one through a powerful exercise that helps you reveal truths in an authentic way.

It’s simple, yet effective.

In the latest issue of The Writer magazine, the article How Something You Hate Can Reveal a Voice You Love by Josh Sippie was eye-opening. In every creative class he teaches at Gotham Writers, he assigns an activity where students write about something they hate.

In his own words, “when we’re talking about hatred, there’s no holding back. There is no timid entry into hatred.” It’s certainly a powerful emotion that makes us naturally expressive. It’s an emotion that allows us to use a voice that is “confident, unwavering, and passionate.”

If you can break down the barriers holding back your truth once, it becomes easier and easier to break them down again.

Josh sippie

In my therapy sessions, I’ve been tasked to write letters to express my emotions. The most recent letter involved more situations in which feelings of anger, frustration, and hate came up. Being able to write them down without any barriers has been liberating.

My compositions are showing me which things truly bother me. They also show me with precision how freely my words can flow. I am certain that that’s my true voice coming alive. I feel what I’m writing.

Your true voice reveals itself when you remove all the blocks that exist inside you. Once you get rid of them, the ability to communicate improves tremendously, and you can use that ability in every single cause or project that matters to you.

What’s blocking your voice?

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