Routines of successful people: to try or not to try

Type the phrase “routines of successful people” on Google, and you will get hundreds of articles that tell you how to organize your life in a way that will make you more productive.

While those articles are appealing, and some of them can be actually inspiring, the truth is that every individual in this world operates in a different mode. What works for “the successful” may not work for those who are trying to develop better habits.

Here’s a few thoughts on focusing on what works for you rather than following steps that you might not be willing to even try.

One of the most common results when searching for “routines of successful people” was morning routines. This article illustrates what some famous CEOs do. For example, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, wakes up at 4:30 AM; Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico, wakes up at 4 am; Eric Thomas, motivational speaker, wakes up at 3 am.

What about people who can’t honestly function in the morning? How about new parents who try to make the most of their sleeping time? Asking them to become early risers without considering the challenges they face day by day is like a kick in the guts.

When personal circumstances are rough, it’s still possible to create routines to be successful.

Before searching for role models to imitate them, it’s important to know yourself better first. What are the times of day when you feel most productive? If you already know that the evening is best for you, commit to a specific time to make art, come up with ideas for a new project, learn more about your industry or learn something new.

The key to create a routine relies on the following aspects:

  • Willingness to commit. It’s up to you to decide how your routine will look like. The important part is having a genuine intention to adjust your daily life.
  • Consistency. Advance at your own pace, but repeat each action in your routine over and over.
  • Compounding. Small efforts will accumulate, and results will show in the long run. Be patient with yourself.

How are you building a routine for success?

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