Long term over short term games: choose one to play

I’ve been thinking about the meaning of choosing long-term over short-term games in any aspect. You name it, personal goals, business strategies, career paths and so on. There’s an urgency to see results as soon as we start working so that we feel accomplished. However, in the game of life, processes to achieve results are non-linear.

“How can I easily reach my goals this year?” “What are the best hacks to find the quickest path to success?” The truth is, there’s no shortcut. It’s important to understand the game we want to play. Anything that’s worth achieving requires a long-term journey.

While the short game offers visible and almost immediate results, the long game starts small and compounds into a key component to gaining more wisdom.

The longer you play the long game, the easier it is to play and the greater the rewards. The longer you play the short game, the harder it becomes to change and the bigger the bill facing you when you do want to change.

Shane parrish

The short-term game is more seductive. You could catch up with the latest trends on social media instead of reading a 500-page book. One looks more appealing than the other. Why find a new exercise routine if you could be watching a movie while eating chips. One brings more pleasure than the other.

On the other hand, the long-term game seems boring and difficult to maintain. However, reading that 500-page book one chapter at a time can open your eyes to new ways of thinking; a new exercise routine helps you stay healthy throughout the year.

According to Parrish, “the long game guides how you conduct your personal and business affairs.” After all, we look for a deeper transformation in any aspect of our lives rather than temporary solutions. The question is, which game are we currently playing?

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