Analogue process is still around and will always be

Analogue process is part of our daily lives in the XXI century. We still need it. We still use it.

On the one hand, we all look for digital tools when it comes to making creative work: doing research, creating graphics, blogging, building a website and more. Technology is an important component.

It makes sense. After all, it’s the norm in this day and age.

On the other hand, let’s not forget that analogue process is still relevant. Isn’t it wonderful? There’s a lot of trends that indicate that our lives will be relying more on artificial intelligence and other tech tools, but some things can’t simply fade away.

The use of imagination is not digitized. We all still connect the dots in our minds to come up with ideas.

We still sketch on paper. We take field notes. We interact with others to get input on topics.

We still organize brainstorming sessions to turn ideas into actionable items.

We use journals/logs to document events on specific days.

That’s analogue process.

Even when the world continues to evolve through more sophisticated technology, it is my theory that we will always have the need to disconnect digitally to reconnect personally and through simpler tools.

How is the analogue process part of your daily life?