Post-pandemic world: readjusting priorities

As days go by, and as we feel that it’s a little safer to go outside, the post-pandemic world brings a few questions to mind. What’s really going to change for us? What if we’re more comfortable in my personal space than in a public one? What if some of us don’t want to return to the office and share a desk with others?

New realities require changes, but every person and every company is going to take a different approach. And that’s fine. However, we’re free to choose our own way according to new priorities.

One of the greatest lessons that I’ll always remember in the post-pandemic world is that I’m not my job. There’s so much more to life than fitting myself to a company’s standards. I now have my own, and I seek opportunities that align to the career path I’m envisioning.

I’m sure I’m not the only person with this mindset. After all the situations we had to face due to COVID-19, a lot of us tried to assimilate how a new reality would look like. And that new reality might not be the same from life before the pandemic.

Nowadays, I hear that people are opting for a hybrid working style: some days you can be home; some days you will be in the office. This is a trend that is resonating more these days. We know for sure it’s possible to connect remotely and get things done.

I also hear that there’s a greater focus on mental health and self-care. This is great news. A person’s worth goes far beyond the targets they reach at work or the number of extra hours they put into completing a “critical task”. A human’s well being must be a priority in any work culture, whether you are a freelancer or a 9-5 employee.

The idea of saying “no” to all the things that didn’t align to my definition of well being started getting stronger. This post by Women Empowerment Corner explains it better.

What are your priorities in the post-pandemic world?