Making art from a place of authenticity

I’ve come across a few articles where creators (or “creatives” if you like this term better) wonder if they should be making art related to the effects of the pandemic. Or if they should be doing things where the main theme is living in confinement for months.

I find that question interesting. While our lives will be marked forever by this once in a lifetime event, some of us will want to stay away from that theme while making art. Other creatives, though, will let out their thoughts in their upcoming endeavours.

On the other hand, I believe the pandemic is not a theme. It’s the door that leads to a different place to create.

Creatives around the world struggled to focus on their creative work. They felt overwhelmed due to a constant need to stay connected all the time. However, some stories that I read pointed how they gradually found that they needed to be kinder to themselves and prioritize their mental health.

The post-pandemic world is going to leave challenges that we didn’t see coming. However, I’m convinced that, when it comes to making art, we all are going to show our authentic-selves. We’re going to create from a place that feels more honest to ourselves.

Our processes, our thoughts, our ways of taking breaks and wonder at the world is already changing. We can’t create under the same mindset or under the same conditions. Change is more present than ever.

There’s also less fear to be vulnerable. We all went through a difficult situation in 2020. It’s 2021 now, and we’re still struggling. We’re still adapting to new realities, and this can be a difficult transition. This is exactly why there’s no shame in admitting we all sing the blues. We all can be more empathetic and share relatable stories.

Vulnerability is what makes us human, and it’s because of this trait that we can be more authentic. If we start using this mindset to expand our creative world, I’m sure there’s some great masterpieces coming up in the years to come.

What do you think?