On beginnings: why you need to get started now

I want to share a few thoughts on beginnings:

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.

alan cohen

Reading that quote reminds me of different conversations I’ve had with friends or colleagues. When talking about big life projects, I would often hear: “I need to get really good at ‘x’ thing to then start my own business.” “I need a few more years of experience.” “I’m waiting for the perfect moment.” “When I become an expert, I’ll get started.”

I can relate to all those thoughts. In the past, I used similar phrases, too. It’s scary to begin something when you feel you’re not good enough or when circumstances make it seem almost impossible.

The truth is, it’s not necessary to sit and wait for the ideal conditions to run your projects. At the same time, you don’t have to be an absolute expert to get started. You don’t even need to be good. You just need to learn as you go.

It’s important to begin somewhere and with the resources that you have at hand. Deep pockets are not a must. The most valuable resource you can rely on is time. Whether it’s 5 or 15 minutes, taking full advantage of it will be beneficial. All efforts, no matter how small, compound.

Knowledge will come. Experience will come. Conditions will accommodate eventually.

Just begin. One day at a time.