Know yourself: a time for introspection

“Know yourself.”

This is one piece of advice that has been around for centuries. In times like these, understanding this concept is as relevant as ever. I think any day is ideal for introspection.

Why do you need to know yourself? I came across a great answer:

Gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves helps us to be responsible – or response-able- meaning we can respond to life, rather than react.

Joey Hulin

There’s certainly a lot of aspects about ourselves that we are not aware of. They can be emotions that are buried in us and that prevent us to create the life that we want to live.

So, to stay creative and move forward, it’s crucial to be honest about weaknesses and strengths. Deep introspection requires willingness to work on both. One way to begin this practice involves asking yourself questions. Here’s a few suggestions.

  • What rituals do you practise in your daily life? How do they help you accomplish your goals?
  • How do you prioritize your activities? Is this prioritization beneficial to you?
  • What kind of feelings do you experience throughout the day? Why?
  • What does a fulfilling day look like to you?

Only you can deeply analyze all habits, feelings, and thoughts to then set realistic goals for the new year that is about to begin.

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.

sigmund freud

Happy holidays!