What’s the value of your time? Hint: It doesn’t have to do with money

As you get ready to start a new day, let me ask you: what’s the value of your time?

Something that may come to mind is “I’m worth $25 an hour”, or maybe more dollars depending on your occupation and experience level. While that’s a valid answer, time goes beyond the value of money.

One thing you can’t buy more of in this world and that is time.


The relationship between money and time is peculiar. When you have some cash in your hands, you can either spend it or save it. The same thing happens with the way you use your time. However, unlike money, you can’t get back the time you’ve spent.

Therefore, the value of your time is higher than you can imagine. How are you currently managing it?

Good investments will give you great satisfactions.

At a personal level, valuing your time looks like:

  • Being aware that a loved one has limited time in your life. Invest in enjoying meaningful experiences.
  • Being aware that you also have limited time in this life. Be bold and do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

In your professional life, it looks like:

  • Forging strong relationships over time. In an office, you always come across extraordinary people. Learn as much as you can from them and exchange experiences.
  • Networking at any opportunity. If you’re in an office, it happens naturally. On the other hand, you also go to conferences, workshops, and other business trips. Invest in connections that bring mutual benefits.

In your creative endeavours, it looks like:

  • Creating a space to bring your ideas to life. It’s all about finding out how you like creating and what elements you need in your environment. That way, you don’t waste time on finding “the right conditions” to work.
  • Finding consistency with your creative schedule. Inspiration doesn’t come out of the blue. If you’re only waiting for it, you will struggle to get started and make any progress. Waiting isn’t a good use of your time.


Time is truly precious. Spend it or save it wisely. What are your thoughts?